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Accessible Objected-Oriented Programming Concepts for Blind Students using Java

Collection type: Book

Book by: R.G. (Dick) Baldwin. E-mail the author

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Blind students should not be excluded from computer programming courses because of inaccessible textbooks. Because of its text-based nature, computer programming is fundamentally an accessible technology. However, many textbooks adopt and use high-level integrated development environments with graphical user interfaces that greatly reduce that accessibility.

The modules in this collection present object-oriented programming concepts in a format that blind students can read using tools such as an audio screen reader and an electronic line-by-line Braille display. In an effort to get and keep the student's interest, these modules make heavy use of programming projects that provide sensory feedback through the use of both sampled sound and MIDI sound.

These modules are intended to supplement and not to replace the textbook.

This collection contains: Modules by: R.G. (Dick) Baldwin.

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