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Innovative Author Meets California Free Digital Textbook Initiative

Innovative Author Meets California Free Digital Textbook Initiative

Connexions author Kenny Felder has textbook reviewed, accepted as part of California's Free Digital Textbook Initiative.

As a high school math teacher in North Carolina, Kenny Felder has spent years crafting and collecting useful lessons and activities to help him teach his Algebra II classes. Taking a somewhat unconventional approach, Kenny's courses are focused on in-class activities and homework assignments rather than a traditional lecture format, with a strong emphasis on doing the work and understanding the concepts rather than simply listening to an explanation. These lessons have been compiled into three complementary volumes:

Earlier this year, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's office announced a bold initiative to make California the first state to offer free, open-licensed materials for high school students. Felder's Advanced Algebra II was submitted by Connexions and successfully reviewed by the California Learning Resource Network (CLRN), meeting 26 of the 27 state-defined standards for Algebra II coursework. Felder, who teaches algebra and calculus at Raleigh Charter High School, said he was delighted to learn that his book scored so well on California's test. He said the book was created from the lessons he created and refined during 10 years of Algebra II classes.

"My book presents math as an exploration of ideas -- not a collection of facts and techniques. Students often tell me they are realizing, for the first time, that math makes sense. And that's what I hope they remember from my class; there are reasons for everything in math, and you should ask 'Why?' and keep asking, particularly if someone says, 'That's just the way it is.'"

In addition to providing a major contribution to educators in California, Felder's work serves as an excellent example of how individual authors can make a huge difference in the world through open education.

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