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Connexions offers an educational content repository accessible for free over the internet or in many downloadable formats so that materials can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime. If you're looking for ways to get started viewing content, you may want to try our search and browse features to find what you're looking for. Learn more about exploring Connexions, or jump to more about:

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A member account is not needed to explore the repository, but there are some advantages to signing up for an account, including the ability to publish content to the repository and create lenses. Members also can create a profile, to tell readers more about yourself. Learn more about Member Account creation and features.

Editing Interface

The Authoring area is where you will find information on how to use features of the editing interface, including the creation of modules, collections, and lenses. You can also read the New Author Guide to help you get started entering content. For more detailed information and instructions, read the tutorials and guides in the Connexions Documentation lens.

For most authors, we recommend that you consider using either the Microsoft Word importer to import existing .doc (Word) or .odt (Open Office) documents as a starting point when creating your modules. Once you've imported your content, you can use the Edit-In-Place editor to fine tune your module. Authors familiar with LaTeX may also wish to use the LaTeX importer.

Further Assistance

The Intellectual Property FAQ answers common questions regarding licensing and copyright, while most other questions are answered in our Troubleshooting FAQ. A Glossary provides an easy reference for Connexions-related terms.

If you have questions that are not answered by our Help section, please feel free to contact technical support and we will be happy to assist in any way we can.

New Features

Our developers at Connexions are constantly looking for and developing new ways to improve the Connexions experience. The result is a site that constantly grows and adapts to fit its users' needs with new features. Check back here periodically for these as they are added.

  • Express Edit - If there is a published collection or module that you would like to edit from your Personal Workspace or a shared Workgroup, you can now quickly check out a copy directly from the content page itself.
  • EPUB - Connexions is going mobile! EPUB is an easy to use, standards-based, mobile-reader format for all of the Connexions collections.
  • SWORD Import - Modules can be created by sending a POST request to a URL along with a zip file containing a Word document and optional mets.xml metadata file.
  • Collection Composer - Allows you to create new collections or edit existing ones.
  • Twitter and Facebook - You can now stay in the know with us even more easily by Liking us on Facebook or Following us on Twitter.
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