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Bug Reports

If you receive an error message on our site or believe you have encountered a bug, please drop us a note using our Bug Submission Form (you can also use the Report a Bug link at the top of every page).

Here are some tips for submitting error reports that will help us fix the bugs quickly.

  • Include a copy of the error page. If the error displays an actual error message, please copy the text of that message and paste it into the bug report. It is even better to include the HTML source of the error message -- some of our systems include important information in HTML comments. While the error message is displaying, right click your mouse and select the View Source or View Page Source option, depending on your browser, to display the HTML for the page. Then you can copy the HTML information and paste it into the bug report. If you have left it to go to the Bug Report Submission Form or to a Help page, use the Back function on your browser to redisplay the error message.
  • Full descriptions of errors are very useful. If your error involved a specific module, include the name of the module. If you were in the editing interface, include the workgroup and/or module with which you were working. If you were using the Collection Composer, mention which course you were working with, and so forth. Include the exact URI of the page on which the error occurred. Always include a description of what you were doing, if you can, as well as your browser and version number, operating system, etc.

Content Inaccuracies

Please do NOT use the bug submission form to report content errors (typos, inaccuracies, etc.) in modules; instead, use the Email the authors at the top of the content page to let the authors know of any errors and/or suggestions you've identified.

Request Assistance

Contact us at with any questions and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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