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Viewing Content

Note: For information regarding supported web browsers and required MathML plug-ins, please see our browser support page. For a description of some of our accessibility features, see our accessibility page. See our FAQ for more troubleshooting.

Online Viewing

Each module or collection has two major components available for viewing: the actual content itself, and the metadata page, containing information about the content, author, and more. When you first browse to a module or collection, you will be taken to the content page. The content appears in the middle of the screen, with extra information and actions appearing at the top and bottom of the page, and in portlets on the left side. To see the metadata, select the metadata link at the bottom of the page.

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Lenses highlight quality content endorsed or affiliated by an organization, or group useful and similar content together. To learn more about navigating to lenses, viewing lenses, and finding lenses, see:

Finding Content

Because lenses highlight quality content, they are one great way to find teaching resources. Other ways to discover content include our search and browse features, as well as finding content through similar content, through author profiles, and filtering the repository by tags. Our RSS and Atom feeds provide a method keeping up with new content.

Offline Formats

We strive to make the content in our repository accessible for all. That's why, in addition to being able to view content online for free at any time, we offer several downloadable formats, including PDF, EPUB, offline HTML, and .zip files containing all the information in a module or collection. Links to downloads are provided at the top and bottom of each module or collection, and on the metadata pages for each content object.


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