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New, Easier Ways to Edit Connexions Modules


Now you can make modules from Microsoft Word files and perform more editing tasks with the enhanced Edit-In-Place features.

Our Word importer makes it easy to create modules from Word documents by transforming them into CNXML. It uses Word's built-in paragraph styles to automatically markup items like sections, links, and figures. You can download a Word document template from Connexions that contains paragraph styles that translate directly into CNXML tags. See the Using Microsoft Word to Create Connexions Modules guide for more information.

Edit-In-Place was originally implemented for small, quick edits to published modules. Now it is the default editor in your workspace and work groups and allows you to perform the following actions to a module before or after you publish it:

  • Add new paragraphs or delete existing ones
  • Add or edit examples, lists, equations, notes, examples, code blocks, and figures
  • Display help text on CNXML tags as you work