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Connexions Announces Open Education Cup Competition for High Performance Computing


Introduced at the SC08 convention, the Open Education Cup is awarding $500 cash prizes for the best Connexions modules in the area of High Performance Computing (HPC). Awards will be granted in each of the following categories:

  • Parallel Architectures
  • Parallel Programming Models and Languages
  • Parallel Algorithms and Applications
  • Parallel Software Tools
  • Accelerated Computing

In addition to offering cash prizes, organizers will combine the best entries into a Connexions collection (textbook) that will be available through Connexions for anybody to use, update, translate, adapt, and customize. In a field where textbooks are often costly and quickly become out of date, this textbook will offer a free alternative that can be updated in real-time as the state of the art changes and provide students and educators powerful, relevant resources produced by those with a vested interest in promoting the free, open exchange of information.

The Open Education Cup was created to promote awareness of and generate interest in creating Open Educational Resources (OER) in the area of HPC in the hopes that this effort will help the HPC community recognize and embrace the opportunities that OER represent for accelerating workforce development. Effective use of OER can enable educators, instructors and learners to access a rich set of free online teaching and learning materials, eliminating many barriers to providing affordable high-quality HPC education and training programs.

To learn more about the Open Education Cup competition, visit the contest website at

A special thanks to the Open Education Cup sponsors, including BP, Chevron, NVIDIA, Rice University, Sun Microsystems, Total S.A., and WesternGeco, for making this competition possible.