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Connexions Introduces CNXML 0.6


Connexions Markup Language 0.6 (CNXML 0.6) was unveiled on January 29, 2009. Several changes have been made to the language, including new elements, new attributes, and new behavior.

HOUSTON -- (February 2, 2009) -- After several years of consideration, design, and development, open-education website Connexions has introduced the latest version of its Connexions Markup Language (CNXML). The new language was officially released on January 29, 2009.

CNXML 0.6 offers a variety of new features that make publishing rich, interactive modules easier than ever. These features include the introduction of new media elements, the ability to add commentary to exercises, and easy citation formatting, just to name a few. Connexions has documented all of these changes in What's New in CNXML 0.6.

For more information on CNXML 0.6, please visit the language section of the site.