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Connexions unveils MathML Editor, redesigned authoring interface


Connexions has released a number of updates, changes, and new features that make authoring modules and collections easier than ever! Most of these changes can be found in the MyCNX area of the site.

  • The Connexions MathML Editor - Users can now create and edit math expressions in a simple-yet-powerful equation editor. The editor produces Content MathML which can then be pasted into modules. For more information about the MathML Editor, check out the MathML Editor Introduction.
  • Show/Hide Sidebars Icon - Editing modules and collections can be a bit cumbersome in small browser windows. To address this problem, Connexions has added a "Show/Hide Sidebars" icon that expands the editing area when activated. You can read more about this new feature in the Editing Modules guide.
  • New MyCNX Home Page - The MyCNX Home Page has been redesigned to make the authoring area easier to use. It now includes links to instantly create modules and collections, a list of your most recently modified items, and more. The MyCNX and the Work Areas module highlights all of these new features.

If you have any questions about Connexions and the latest site features, be sure to check out the updated Connexions Documentation Lens, or e-mail