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Connexions updates interface, adds support for Google Analytics


Connexions is happy to report that we've rolled out an updated content-viewing interface. These changes were designed to improve the page by providing a clear, clutter-free experience. In particular, you may notice that we've eliminated the "Content Actions" box and moved several features to the top of the page, including links to download module and collection PDFs, bookmark your Favorites, and add content to custom lenses. In addition, module ratings have been relocated under the module title along with a link to e-mail the authors.

A few specific changes have taken place for collections. You can now order a hardbound copy of the collection by clicking the "Order printed collection" button. This link is now located on the right-hand side of any page within the collection. The "Previous" and "Next" links available while browsing a collection have been moved under the "Order printed collection" button.

Along with these interface changes, Connexions is also excited to announce that we now support the use of Google Analytics to track your content. Authors now have the option to add their Google Analytics tracking code to their contents' metadata page, allowing them to keep track of how their modules and collections are being viewed by others around the world. For more information on this feature, please see our Google Analytics help page.